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PCE can do to improve your enginnering life style.they are easy to use yet very powerful.You can download a free and functional demo by click below icon.

Plate--Simulate equivalent racking stiffeness of a plate panel with a diagonal or x braces



Tubular Hydro--Tubular Hydro Static Collapse Check


Anode--Cathodic Protection Design



Lift--Each structural design requires engineers to evaluate lifting weight and sling arrangement design.  This process may take many iterations during a project.  This program can save 2-3 hours for single iteration.  See sample output:


Stiffener--Tubuar to girder connection is very common in structural design.  The simplest way to transfer load is by adding stiffeners.  This program could save 2-3 hours for each calculation.  See Stiffener Design Program below:


Ring--Ring Design Program is one of the best program in this series.  It can save up to 2 weeks of engineer's time for designing a deck to column connections.  See sample output below:


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