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PCE can do to improve your enginnering life style.they are easy to use yet very powerful.You can download a free and functional demo by click below icon.

Wide--Perform WF/Girder strength check according to AISC.  User can select section from AISC library.  The examples contained in the demo package duplicate most of the examples in the AISC steel manual. Hybrid girders are also handled by the program. Custom built tee sections and other cross sections that satisfy ASIC specifications can also be designed by using this program.


Padeye--Padeye design is very tedious if done by hand calculation.  It is even more demanding if a designer has not done before.  With this simple program, you will instantly become a padeye design expert.  Sample output for Padeye design program:


Beam--This simple program uses finite element method to calculate forces, moments and support reactions for continuous beams.  Click mouse button to play this program by adding a support, a load, or additional beam sections and see how the shear and moment diagrams interact. Version 2.0 (for licensed users only) can also calculate spring reactions.


Section--User can pick any basic shapes listed in the toolbar and add them together to form a complex composite section.  Each individual object can be moved, rotated or resized by simply clicking the picture or the table. The combined sectional properties of the composite section is printed in both table and graphical format. The properties with respect to its principal axis are also conveniently listed. Negative areas can be added to represent holes in the objects.


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